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Our guidance will maximize your roof’s lifespan

Roof Inspection in Austin, TexasWhile roofs endure heavy weathering as the first line of defense in your home, many property owners are unaware of the damage overhead until leaks appear. At Red Monarch Roofing & Construction, we perform a detailed roof inspection, assessing the current condition of your roof, including suggested repairs, and when you might need to replace the roof.

During a roof inspection, our experienced inspectors examine various physical indicators to assess roof health. This includes the viability of the roof’s topside and underside when accessible. We also check for visual signs of advanced aging, like curling shingles, gaps around flashing, pooled water indicating slope faults, and evidence of past repairs. We log these faults to keep a record of future issues that could emerge.

Our roof inspection process also includes an evaluation of the roof interiors and substructures, checking insulation, moisture barriers, and decking integrity. Insulation, compressed over time, loses protective abilities that guard your home’s interior. We also note dry wood rot that could cause structural collapse if left unaddressed. Our inspectors quantify and record the location of these warning signs by taking photographs, diagrams, and scope notes. We summarize overall roof condition grading on a scale with rankings such as satisfactory or immediate action advised. Our subsequent roof inspection report compiles all these details.

If a replacement is needed, we outline specifications for roof assemblies addressing detected faults. We also provide recommendations for repairs or interventions like sealing vents or replacing damaged underlayment. Either way, our guidance will maximize your roof’s lifespan and keep the inside of your Austin, Texas property protected. Trust us for transparent roof inspection reports outlining facility needs. Let our expertise determine when the optimal time is to repair and replace your roof. Contact us to schedule a roof inspection today.

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